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A Journey's Beginning

     Capture precious moments that can never be replaced. The magical moment of seeing your child for the first time...the first kiss upon their head...holding their hand...These raw and intimate emotions should be timelessly preserved. Every birth is a once in a lifetime experience that is a miracle of its own. 




What is Birth Photography?

Birth photography is documenting the day your child enters the world. No matter how this baby comes to you, it’ll be a day that you’ll want to have captured. Whether it be through birth, adoption or even surrogacy, having photographs of the moment you meet the smallest love of your life is a moment like no other. You won’t regret having these photos for years to come.

How does it all work?

I meet with expecting parent(s) prior to the day (a pre-birth consultation) to chat about their birth plan and vision. Although meeting in-person is preferred, things can be completed via phone and email if necessary. This is when we will have the opportunity to make sure we understand each others' expectations before I arrive at the birth. We go over your birth plan, vision for photography and any questions and/or concerns you may have.  I want to get to know you and  your family before baby arrives.  I only take 1-2 births each month. This allows me to give you my full time and support not only on your images, but on you and your family as well.  I take all the pictures I can, unless otherwise directed by you. Keep in mind that I can always go back and delete pictures later on, but I can never go back and retake a picture I missed in the moment. Ideally, I like to head to the birth location when you are in active labor.  I stay about 2 hours after baby is born to get those fresh shots of your new family. Each birth experience is different, so we definitely chat about this prior to birth time to figure out what works for you. Births are obviously unpredictable, please know I am there to photograph your birth no matter how long or short. I'm not only there as your photographer but I'm also there to support you in any way I can during your birth. 

What if it's a c-section birth? 

C-sections are still birth, and this is yours. Many hospitals allow for a photographer in the operating room, some do not. Scheduled or unscheduled, having a C-section can make photographing your birth even more important. Whether I get into the operating room with you or not, your surgery is usually up to the anesthesiologist and/or your OB to decide, but we can inform them how important it is that I be present. If I'm unable to be in the room, which does happen so please be prepared, there is still a story to be documented. You will be thrilled to have captured shots of active labor, getting ready for delivery, and after baby is born. 

What if I miss a birth, get sick or have an emergency? 

If the baby happens to come faster than anticipated, I still arrive to the birthing place for photos because your fast birth is part of your story and I am there to document your story however it may unfold. Even if it is super fast! In the unlikely event that I am unable to make it to your birth, due to sickness, emergencies, or any other unforeseen circumstances, a back-up photographer is called in as a replacement. 


Will photos be made public on the internet?

You have final say about any images, if any at all, will be posted online of your birth. If you are uncomfortable with anything specific being posted, it needs to be discussed and put into writing beforehand. As much as I would prefer to upload my work so other people see the value in birth photography, I respect your privacy. These are after all your images and I am happy to accommodate you.

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