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"As a well - spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death."

 - Leonardo da Vinci

A Journey's End

     The cycle of life has a different meaning to everyone. While some may take solace in the belief of a higher power and an afterlife, others find comfort in the present and the acceptance of now. Many of us have accepted the notion that if you cannot see someone or something they cease to exist. We close a door on death because we are terrified of the unknown. Although the notion of the unknown is frightening, life itself has been preparing us for death. I use my camera to show how the beauty of the here and now, and what once was, can still be. This is a celebration of life! This is a preservation of memories. 

     There is no easy farewell. People of all ages, animals and pets of all kinds, leave an impression on us and touch our hearts immeasurably. We cannot control what our hearts love but we do have a say in how a life can be honored. There is a peaceful beauty in death that shines light on the dignity of dying. It is up to us to keep memories alive.

     A Journey's End  was created to cherish our loved ones who may not be with us much longer. This is a complimentary service meant to bring joy and content in a difficult time. This is documentary style photography for patients and loved ones. This is not a burden but rather a blessing to you.  

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