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   With a background in photography, art therapy and nursing, Naomi is able to use her insight to capture her subjects with sensitivity and truth. 

   An advocate for film in a vastly digital world, and known for her up-close and personal portraits as well as her documentary style photography, Naomi's emphasis on facial features present us with intimate expressions of life.

   Her portraits reflect the souls of her subjects, staring back at the viewer with a multitude of emotions developed over a lifetime. Her works do not require descriptions, as they narrate on their own, sharing each unique story.

   Aside from commissioned work, Naomi devotes much of her time focusing on her documentary work. In her Journey Series, she takes us on different journeys from birth through death detailing the many aspects of a lifetime.

   In Seniors, Suppers and Stories, Naomi combines her life as a personal chef at,, with her documentary photography. The way to the soul is best by sharing a meal and a conversation. Focusing on her senior citizen clients, Goldies, Naomi delves into the lives of those who have walked this earth for more than 80 years. With every meal comes a life history in return.

Photographer's Portrait
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