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Precious gift of times gone by...

Our golden generation has so much to offer. Perspectives of the past, present and future.

Learned through experience, the quickest way to the soul is best by sharing a meal and a conversation. Serving dishes that evoke memories from the past while rejuvenating the tastebuds with todays flavors. With every meal comes a life history in return. Specifically designed dining for my senior citizen clients, my Goldies, I combine my life as a personal chef with my life as a documentary photographer. 

I prepare favorite foods. Foods that evoke memories of a life well-lived. In return, photographs and short videos of our visit together are captured and shared as a lasting gift for all.

I personally prepare the entire meal, take photographs and video, and spend time enjoying conversation at their location. In return, I receive their story and portrait.

Will you join me at the table?

Meet Saul...


101 years of life...Remembered with such ease. First course on the menu...

Creamed Herring in Wine Sauce with Blooming Onions....Just the way Gaga used to make.


Over a 2nd course of deconstructed chicken soup we talk of his days at war during WWII against the Japanese opposition. Drafted as a teenager along with his peers, Saul detailed his personal fight along side his comrades, some of who never made it home. 


Ending our time well spent together, with a sweet conclusion of laughter and chocolate pudding cake, I receive a warm embrace and a promise to meet again. With a full belly and foods to go, I watch Saul ascend to his personal quarters for a well needed nap with another memory to add to his story.

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